October 26, 1964
Candlelight Plaza Deed Restrictions were filed
The Civic Club was established

Judge William Bear served as its first President from
1967-1968. In 1978 President Moore filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Civic Club against the City
of Houston relating to property tax increases. The Club was successful and the taxes were
rolled back.

May, 1978
The Frist Candlegram is Published

John Moore was elected President.

first call for Area Directors

the Civic Club asked for volunteers for Block Captains (now called Area Directors).

Sweet Times

the Civic Club members made and took sweets to the Shepherd Police Station for
Christmas. A $50 Christmas gift was given to the area’s postman (Joe Hinton made a donation
to cover this cost). The officers discussed the planting of crepe myrtles in the esplanade on
Ellas between Bethlehem and Pinemont, but the City said the Club would have to maintain
them so the project was withdrawn.

Addresses are Painted

Pauline “Tiny” Albert, Essie Hughes and Lou Moore hand painted 308 addresses on the
curbs using only $48 in supplies. Can you imagine what that would cost today and having our
residents do the work! A fundraiser was held for money to reopen Shepherd Park on
Dunsmere. Residents participated in cleaning up the area. The park was designated a Nature
Park so no pool or tennis courts were allowed, but a jogging path was created. In this year 270
residences paid their dues.

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Candles and Crepe Myrtles

on behalf of the Civic Club President Tiny Albert headed the planting of crepe myrtles in
the esplanade on Ella between 43 rd and Pinemont. In this year 276 residences paid their dues.
Potluck dinners were held at the annual meeting. This year the tradition of placing large
Christmas candles was started by Jack and JoAnn Thompson and Red and Helen Donaghe, a
tradition that is ongoing.

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4th of July Parade

the first Civic Club 4 th of July parade. In this year 270 residences paid their dues.

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Candlelight Stickers

the Civic Club looked into liability insurance coverage for its officers. President Tom
White headed the Civic Club. This was the year that the Club voted to buy car stickers showing
that we were residents of Candlelight Plaza. An attempt was made to start the Constable
Program, but was unsuccessful.

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The Tax Man Commoth

the City of Houston Appraisal Department measured our homes and property for tax

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Citizens Patrol

President Bill Copeland led the Civic Club. This year residents signed up for Citizens on
Patrol and Base Operators. Jack Thompson led the group. The Civic Club gave Wolf’s Nursery
gift certificates to the Yard of the Month winner.

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Plaza Moms is Formed

Red Donaghe and Joe Reagan mowed the neighboring church’s vacant lot. Candlelight
Plaza started celebrating Halloween the night before so that residents could be able to join
their families living outside Candlelight on Halloween night. The Plaza Moms organized and its
members consisted of residents from Candlelight and Shepherd Park Plaza.

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Landscaping Celebrated

the City of Houston presented the Civic Club with a landscaping award for all the work
done on Ella and the Candlelight Plaza entrances. The first Neighbors Night Out was celebrated.

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Candlelight Plaza started its recycling program.
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YOTM Signs Made

the Civic Club started meeting at Durham Elementary School. Ray Doherty had Yard of
the Month signs made.

March 30
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